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The key to producing good poultry feeds is obviously the selection of the very best ingredients. Careful selection of ingredients with regard to source, palatability, animal and human health and nutritional value has always been the cornerstone of our feed formulation policy.

With the above care taken while manufacturing these feeds, this company gives the poultry farmers the best quality feed for their birds at very economic cost to achieve minimum production cost & gain maximum profits.


Layer feed chick mash
A COMPLETE feed fortified with all micro and macro nutrients required for the healthy growth of chicks during 0 - 8 weeks of age.

Grower mash
Quality raw materials mixed to ensure uniformity and optimum body weight of pullets at point of lay during 9 - 18 weeks of age.

Layer mash
The complex nutritional requirements of modern, hybrid, high performance layers is met and is energized and enriched with all essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals to attain consistently higher laying performance and better hen housed egg production during 19 - 72 weeks of age.


Cattle Feeds are avaliable as
  • High Fat Milk Ration
  • Special Milk Ration
  • Economy Milk Ration
  • Standard Ration
  • Calf Starter
and in Pellet form as
  • Super Pellet
  • Popular Pellet
  • Calf Starter Pellet
  • Deluxe Pellet

We always adhere to credibility for developing, research, innovation and quality for surviving. Our company commits to the research, deep processing, storage, transportation and marketing of feed materials. Our goal is to provide safe and high efficient service for people.

poultry feeds

poultry feeds

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