We offer the best quality white and brown commercial table eggs to our customers and they are procured from our own local production farms and are certified to fit for human consumption by government health authorities.


The poultry eggs are tested for bird flu, salmonella infection and other contamination and hence certified fit for human consumption. The eggs are subjected to bacteriological tests and are seen whether they are free from salmonella infection.


The following grades of poultry eggs are offered by us-
Color : White , brown
Size : Small, medium and big
Weight : The weight of the white shell eggs ranges from 45 gms to 60gms.
The eggs are graded as per the client's specific requirements


The eggs are packed under strict supervision and observation. The eggs are carefully chosen and the damaged eggs are removed so as to avoid contamination. The eggs are placed on a tray which is chemically treated and then packed in strong five ply multiple color printed cartons. Every carton has a proper tag with the brand name and the specific characteristics of the egg mentioned on it. The production date, the expiry date, the country originated from and all the other details are well mentioned. This avoids any sort of confusion on the part of the consumer and it also has food grade ink red color marked and approved by the FDA.

  • We Ship in 40 Feet High Cube Reefer Containers. Every 40 ft high cube refrigerated Refer container to be shipped is strictly maintained at temperature ranging between 0 C - 5 C.
  • For a 40 ft HQ Container:
  • 30 Eggs in One Tray,
  • 12 Trays in One Carton,
  • 1312 Cartons in One 40ft HQ Reefer Container.
  • i.e. : 30eggs x 12trays x 13 12cartons = 472320eggs in One 40ft HQ Reefer Container
  • In addition we also provide 180 eggs and 240 eggs packing based on the customers requirement.

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