The company was formed by Mr.K.Singaraj , in the late 1970's.

Originally, the company which was started with 500 birds is now housing over 700,000 white and brown commercial layers. Over the years, the company grew from a local to regional to national to international enterprise involved in egg production and in exporting the same. In addition, the company is also now involved in selling day old layer chicks to the farmers around the country.

The core activities of the organization includes poultry farming, feed manufacturing, Egg marketing [includes exports & other domestic marketing activities and the production of day-old layer chicks.

On any given day, the company handles not less than 1mn eggs and is involved in various activities like exports, local trading, and supply to noon meal schemes & even to local shops. The company understands the importance of marketing its own production and has always lead the way in doing the same.

Added to this, the company runs around 50 trucks to support its core activities. These trucks are used to utmost efficiency to bring down the logistics cost and at the same time assuring us safety and timely delivery of goods.
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